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" There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure - Colin Powell "

Kara L. Gamber

A degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in photography, has been a perfect foundation for Kara Design Group. Progress bar: from college to graphics, from graphics to designer, from designer to art director. I left my final position when we had our first child, Haley. Then nine months later, KDG, inc. was born.

Since it’s inception, KDG has grown in the areas of print design, printer brokering, studio photography, website design and development, search engine optimization, and social media. As technology grows and trends change, so do we. The one driving force: our passion to see small businesses grow.

My husband, Jeff Gamber, is an intrical part of helping launch and maintain KDG. He is skilled at database design, helps with all the technical paperwork I hate, and puts his two cents in now and then. More importantly, it was he who believed I could grow a small business myself. If not for his faith and prodding, I’m pretty sure you’d be reading a really boring story on USA Today’s website right now.

My oldest and only daughter Haley has not only been a delight to bring up, but has grown to become such an incredible help.

We also have two sons, Harrison and Henry. Although they aren’t officially listed as employees, rest assured, they get their share of bidding when I need extra hands.

I must not end without mentioning my dog, Diesel, another unofficial member of the team. He can’t hold a camera to save his life (learned that the hard way), however, he is a permanent fixture in my office about 95% of the time. His main jobs are to sleep, keep my feet warm, and bite the butts of those who walk away without paying. You think I’m kidding? I dare you…