Kara Design Group was recommended to us by an SEO expert and it was the best advice we’ve gotten! Our previous website was a disaster. Completely outdated, it had no visual appeal, a non-functional search, multiple broken links, and zero useful information about our company. It needed to be re-built from the ground up. We work with interior design professionals and our site needed to be visually appealing while giving specific information about our many services. We could not afford to make another mistake on website design.

WOW! was our reaction when we saw our new website for the first time and WOW! has been the reaction from our clients. Kara took basic information about our company and turned it into something special. This new website is everything we could ask for and more. From visual content to functionality, it could not be a better fit with the image we want to project and the experience we want our clients to have when using our website. Thanks to Kara, our website has become an invaluable sales tool, and is now a major feature of any presentation to prospective clients. The entire process was quick, painless and enjoyable – with the added bonus of having a website our competitors envy!

J. HoggattGateway Art Resources

I just saw the new website you designed for us. Wow! Great work. I love the look and feel.

voice farmers podcast
M. WilkersonVoice Farmers

We have had the privilege to work with Kara Gamber for over 20 years. She took us from very small beginnings and helped us grow with excellence as she created and maintained our very first website and professional office database. She also has done excellent graphic design work on many of our CD releases, along with brochures and advertisements to support their launches. In addition to her amazing design skills, Kara is a skilled photographer whom we have used on many photo shoots for our upcoming CD designs. What can we say?!  A multitalented artist that we are proud to call a friend as well. We highly recommend Kara’s services!

charlie and jill leblanc
Charlie and Jill LeBlancJoyful Word Ministries

Kara designed the print and screen advertising for our production of ELF, and did so on a pretty tight deadline. We were impressed with her ability to create something amazing with very little to work with. The poster, full-size standup, rack cards and screen ad turned out beautifully. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Kathey SpurrMKA Branson

Kara Design Group was great to work with. They listened to what I wanted and asked all the right questions to make sure that they delivered what I needed. She took the time to learn my business and even offered a few suggestions, which I hadn’t thought of. Kara Design Group was exactly what I needed. Thank you Kara!

leland and whiskers
Leland DelgadoLeland and Whisker

If you are looking for someone that can handle your website needs, look no further than Kara Design Group, Inc. When we were first introduced to Kara, we had already been through a couple different web companies who promised the world. When we hired our first company, we were ranked as one of the highest Google search companies out there. After that company got through making the changes that they said would help with more specific targeting, we ended up losing almost all of our traffic. After a couple of years trying to work with that company to get our traffic back up to previous levels, we finally gave up. We then hired another company who promised to fix everything that the previous company had messed up. We ended up with lots of promises, and no performance.

Eventually, through one of our friends, we met a friend of Kara. They spoke extremely highly of her. We took another chance and hired Kara. After speaking with her on the phone a couple of times, it became apparent that she had some insight that the other companies did not have. We have been working with her for some time now, and have been pleased with the progress. Even when we had concerns, she patiently worked with us to ease those concerns, and provide solid solutions. Unlike the other companies, she has been proactive in making the performance of our website even better. She initiates ways to improve our profile and performance, and explains the pros and cons of everything she does.

Having said all of this, I do have one regret. I regret not finding her sooner. I encourage anyone who is needing help with their website performance, to contact Kara as soon as possible. She has been a blessing to me, and our company. We wish her many wonderful years in business.


Joe Peterson
Peterson’s Landscape & Maintenance Services, Inc.

petersons landscape
Peterson’s Landscape & Maintenance Services, Inc.

The Kara Design Group is a fantastic and reliable company to work with.  Our board has been very impressed with her friendliness and responsiveness. She has developed a website for our association that is easy to learn and designed very professional. Kara is always quick to address any issues if needed. Her company really cares about our success. I would highly recommend Kara Design Group, Inc.

Susan Rathgeber
ISA Calgary Section Office Manager

isa calgary logo testimonials
ISA Calgary Section

Our company website had not been updated for several years and needed redesigning so that it was more reflective of the image that we wanted to project.  Kara Design Group created a concept that we loved and truly represented our company.  Kara was easy to work with and is always very responsive when we need content updating.

Pooley Accounting ServicesLouise Pooley, President

I have worked closely with Kara Gamber of Kara Design Group for three years, and have only good things to say.  Working with her has been a joy.

Kara is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining my website; for designing and scheduling publication of my newsletters and blogs; and for creative marketing strategies.   Kara is easy to work with, and is an attentive listener, courteous, honest, and reliable.  She responds to my calls and emails in a timely manner and follows through on what she says she will do. Her creative talents are exceptional and her attention to detail is first-rate.

If you are looking for quality work, I highly recommend Kara Design Group.
Wendy Knight
Founder, Word For Life Publishing,LLC

word for life publishing logo testimonials
Word For Life Publishing, LLC

As a not-for-profit professional society ISA-KC has limited budget and talent.  We have relied on Kara Design Group for 6 years and two website iterations.  She consistently provides wise counsel, high-caliber design, the functionality we need and guidance to get the most for our meager budget.  We trust her judgement, appreciate the excellent customer service and genuinely enjoy working with KDG – she definitely helps us look and perform our best!

John Wilson
ISA Kansas City Section

isa kansas city logo testimonials
ISA Kansas City Section

Kara Gamber has been a Godsend.  She created a web site for me that gets more attention each and every day, to the point where I personally sent her on vacation with her husband, because I was so amazed at the volume of work that poured in.  I will forever be grateful!!!  Kara will always be my go to Gal whenever I need marketing help and web site development!!!

Buck Durham
JADE Engineering and Home Inspection, Inc.

jade engineering logo testimonials
JADE Engineering and Home Inspection, Inc.

I’ve come to rely on Kara Design Group for their expertise, especially in Search Engine Optimization techniques, and have recommended their services to my customers who need more productivity from their internet presence.

Greg Lane, Senior Designer
Inspired Design and Graphics

Inspired Design and Graphics

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