Memorable Ads for your St. Louis Business

One of the oldest, yet most efficient methods of advertising your business, an effective ad campaign increases the visibility of your establishment and its message to a mass group of potential customers.

Even though the concept of an advertisement campaign is far from new, the ways you can display your ads are. You can increase the visibility of your business through both online and print media. With the right ad design team by your side, the reach of your business has no limits.

At Kara Design Group, our team of graphic designers, artists, and experienced market specialists collaborate with you to create memorable ads for your St. Louis business. Our ads capture the attention of your intended audience, communicate the purpose of your business, and engender curiosity within the viewer to investigate further and find answers.

Crafting Curiosity

Whether you want to advertise the existence of your business and the current services you provide or desire to raise awareness to a new feature, product, or sale, a perfectly designed ad can call attention and persuade your potential customers to seek you out. Our experienced team looks forward to collaborating with you to create ads that will meet your needs.

  • We collaborate with you and discuss the specifics of your business, what you provide, and what you want to advertise. We discuss the media you would like to see your ads cover, as print and digital options operate by different rules.
  • After our first meeting, we start creating ads that meet your specifications, while at the same time, we account for effective advertising practices and modern trends that might appeal to your intended demographic.
  • Once we have the early work ready, we will meet with you and present the sketch work, concept art and descriptions of the planned ads.
  • We use your feedback and suggestions for guidance as we fine-tune the ads into something closer to your vision. 
  • When we finally reach the proofing stage and receive your approval, your ads will be ready to increase your exposure, engage the audience in St. Louis, and potentially raise your revenue

Adaptation to Different Media

Today’s focus on digital media has given way to new avenues to display ads and distribute your statement. However, this doesn’t mean that print media is going anywhere; all it really means is that you have a greater pool of choices available to you. Kara Design Group’s ads are available for use in different media, including:

  • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Digital ads in other websites, such as banner and sidebar
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Comic books
  • Local publications
  • Printed posters and sheets for public places

No matter what choice you make when it comes to your St. Louis advertising needs, we at Kara Design Group are always happy to provide you with a modern approach to ads that will appeal to today’s consumer base. Contact our staff today and start enjoying the benefits that successfully designed and distributed ads can bring your way.