Logo Design for your St. Louis Business

Beyond just the services, products, and virtues of your business, you need something else that makes you stand out. Something that makes your current and potential customers recognize and think of you immediately. While complex marketing campaigns are effective and essential to your business, sometimes you need a simple, iconic, fresh logo to do the job.

Kara Design Group provides efficient logo designs set to your preferences for your St. Louis business. We can assist you with your logo needs right at home.

We design custom logos that are memorable, sleek, and most importantly, convey the message of your business or service with a single image. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our Planning Process

During our logo design planning process, your input and preferences guide us. Logos are a personal statement of your business, and you will likely want control over the statement your logo will make about your business.

  • After a discussion with you, our team of graphic designers and illustrators consider factors such as the business itself, the demographic, the meaning to convey, and more.
  • When we have a solid idea for the logo, we start creating sketches and concepts that balance those factors with simplicity and elegance.
  • Once we have a few possible sketches, we refine them through scanning and develop some variations to present to you.
  • After a second meeting with you, we take into consideration your feedback and input to keep refining the logo until we craft something that stays closer to your ideas.
  • Once we receive approval for the final logo, we prepare it for your marketing choice, such as online and printing.   

The Ideal Logo

At Kara Design Group, we aim to create a logo that embodies your business while also captivates your intended demographic. All successful logos have a few qualities in common that will benefit your business in numerous ways.  

  • People recognize the logo because it has a unique look that stands out from the crowd.
  • At the same time, the logo is simple enough for anyone to remember. The less unnecessary detail that clutters the overall image, the better.
  • The logo associates your name and your service into the image. People are unable to look at your icon without thinking about the solutions you provide or the products your business sells.
  • A successful logo seamlessly adapts to all the marketing approaches you take, such as your website, online and print ads, and other exposure methods. The quality of the logo stays intact throughout all media.
  • All marketing trends and campaigns will eventually age. Your logo is either timeless enough to stay the same as your business and marketing go through changes, or it is flexible enough to change without deviating too far from its original look.

If you are ready to boost interest in your products and your St. Louis business by using a memorable, iconic logo in your marketing, Kara Design Group is the right choice for you. Contact our team so we can work together and create your logo as soon as possible.