St. Louis Photographic Services

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital presence and the hub of the content you share with your customers and clients. Why would you want your website to showcase basic stock photography? Users will quickly notice bland, repetitive stock photos and assume it to be a mark of low quality.

Investing in professional photography for your website not only conveys quality and professionalism, but also makes a profound impression on those who visit your website. Professional photography services from Kara Design Group can help capture the attention of everyone who visits your website.

Professional Photography for any Website

Companies in various industries need a strong online presence to stay competitive in a constantly shifting online market. If a customer cannot find what he or she wants from your site, it only takes a few seconds to click away to a competitor’s site. Professional photography can help capture your brand in ways stock photos never could. The photography services you receive from Kara Design Group have countless possible applications beyond web design, too.

Convey Quality and Professionalism

Our experienced photographers offer a full range of photography services in whatever location works best for you. Photos can help capture the culture and atmosphere of your business or showcase your talented staff. Service-based companies benefit from visual guides that show potential clients what type of experiences they can expect by working with them. Our photographers know how to get perfect candid shots or professionally posed photos that showcase your company.

Choosing professional photography for your business is a major investment; you cannot entrust this to just anyone. The professional photographers at Kara Design Group have experience with film and digital photography, digital editing and retouching software, and all of the tools necessary to capture the lighting and atmosphere for the perfect shots.

Photography for Print

Modern companies know that printed media is still a valuable marketing stream, and investing in high-quality photography for print will create memorable results for your customers and mailing list recipients. A simple brochure with stock photography will probably wind up in a recycling bin, but printed materials using high-quality stock and professional photography will capture attention and cultivate interest in your brand.

Live Photography on Location

Our live photography sessions take place at a date, time, and location of your choosing. Creating personal connections to customers and potential customers is a requirement of doing business in the modern world. Stock photography is easy to identify, and most people who spend time online have learned how to tell stock photos apart from professional photography.

Live photo sessions on location allow Kara Design Group photographers to capture you and your employees in the moment, showing your clients and customers how your company operates and how hard you work to serve their needs. We can also attend live events with you and capture photos of you and your employees in the community.

Studio Photography

If you need studio photography, Kara Design Group can help with this too. We can provide product showcase photos so you can display your products online with stunning professional photography. Our photographers can arrange professional headshots for your executive team and department heads, or the whole company for smaller businesses. Posed group photos and promotional photos with digital effects are just a few other possibilities with Kara Design Group.

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