St. Louis Printing Services for your Business

So, now you have a clear idea of where you want to take your printed content. You know exactly who the target audience is. You know the design of the content and how it can appeal to your potential customers. The only task you have left is to physically print the content.

When printing your brand collateral, you want to make sure the designs translate well to physical form. Also, you want a high-quality job that uses the best materials in the market, all while also sticking to a specific budget.

Kara Design Group offers to take the hassle on for you. In addition to print designing services, we also offer physical printing services for all your brand collateral. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your business stands out among the rest. Are you having a difficult time choosing between press printing and digital printing? We offer both services, so you can choose what suits your business the best.  

Press Printing

Ever since the invention of the printing press, this method is the standard when it comes to printing materials. Press printing generally involves the transfer of images from customized plates to rubber blankets. From there, the image in the blanket transfers to the printing material of choice, which includes paper, wood, vinyl, or PVC. Because of the amount of equipment needed for this process, such as the creation of a plate for each color used, press printing is generally more expensive. However, it also provides greater flexibility when it comes to printing materials, colors and style choices. Press printing is ideal for greater customization.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a simpler process that digitally transfers a scanned image to a receptive drum. This requires far less time and equipment compared to traditional press printing. In addition, any last-minute changes to the design are easier to apply, since you can easily change the settings in the printer without having to create an entire new plate.  However, digital printing has its drawbacks. There are greater limitations on printing and stylizing materials, as well as less customization. Also, color inaccuracy is more common in digital printing, though easier setting changes mitigate that disadvantage.

What to Choose?

Ultimately, whether you choose press printing or digital printing is a decision best left to you and your printing needs. Press printing is essential if you prefer more choices and greater customization of your print material. Meanwhile, digital printing is more cost-effective and less time consuming. Each method has its benefits and we provide you with both.

Either way, you can always trust that Kara Design Group will handle your work with the best material, the latest technology, and the utmost care. Whether you are printing brochures, catalogs, greeting card, or door hangers, we will take care of every step in the printing process.

Do you have printed content or brand collateral already in mind? Have we already worked on designing your advertisement materials? Let our team at Kara Design Group tackle the heavy lifting and finish the job for you. Contact our team today to fulfill all your printing needs.