High-Converting Website Design For Your Business

Are you looking for a website that is both stunning and functional?

Brochure sites are pretty – but they don’t pay the bills. And what good is a website that is all beauty, no brawn? The marriage of form and function is never more crucial than in website design.

If you’re looking for a versatile web design solution in St. Louis, you’ve found it. Kara Design Group creates gorgeous, high-powered websites for all your business needs.

We design for search engine optimization, brand personality, competitive style, and so much more.

Website Design With Optimization in Mind

We don’t just help you show your business – we help you grow your business.

A pretty face will attract the customers, but it won’t get them to stay, and it won’t help them find you in a sea of competition.

We design each website with these key factors in mind to increase your site’s traffic, search engine rankings, and user experience quality.

Speed: Rank higher, move faster, customers stay longer.
Usability: A better experience for customers, increasing loyalty and memorability.
Search-ability: Search engines can find you and present your site to the curious.
Mobile-friendliness: Ensuring that visitors on all devices can use and enjoy your website.

Market, Persona, Brand

Kara Design Group creates all websites with your specific market and style in mind. This allows for cohesion between your site and the top design trends of today – while engaging in fierce competition with competing brands.

We create all content, styles, and layouts to match your brand’s personality.
We listen to your experiences and continuously improve your websites.
We engage in deep market research before we begin designing your website.
We find the top keywords that will get you noticed by the search engine giants.
We won’t overload your site with keywords – we pick SEO strategies that are just right.

Websites That Work for You

Thanks to Kara Design Group’s research skills and understanding of consumer site use, your site will be a complement to your brand and a boost to your voice. We design each of our sites for increased lead generation, using expert design techniques to keep customers engaged and responsive.

Thanks to our designs, your customers will stay on your site longer, increasing web traffic, sales and leads, and brand loyalty.
We craft excellent, compelling CTAs that push users toward the actions you want them to take.
We choose colors that complement and accentuate your brand and your products, driving customers to make their next purchase.
We use clean, clear messages that make your site easy to read and navigate.